November - December / Poinsettia Crop

We carry a variety of colors with Red being the prominent color of choice.  The other major colors available are pink, white, and marble.  We also have variegated colors called Glitter, Ice and Picasso.  Fantasy colors can be ordered - which is a special application of color sprayed onto the plant.  Blue is a popular color ordered from the Fantasy Color group.  

Sizes available

  • 2" clay, 4.5" single stem, and 4.5" pinched point
  • 5" and 6.5" pots with one pinched point plant
  • 7", 8", 10",and 12" pots - with multiple plants and all are pinched for maximum brachs
  • Belden Hanging Baskets
  • Pans and Bowls with ivy and poinsettia plants

 The Poinsettia plant is NOT poisonous to your pet or children.  The poinsettia is one of the most researched plants.  Years ago the poinsettia was incorporated into the list of Christmas plants that were poisonous.  Please take a moment to look into the PDF from the Society of American Florists here: